Twenty-four years experience, recording sound for commercial, documentary, mockumentary, narrative, promotional, and creative content projects for the feature and television industry. 

A strong passion for; quality sound, complex wireless and recording situations, multi-camera productions, the latest and greatest technology, and a strong professional on-set work ethic.

Extensive versatile experience designing, managing, and mixing to multiple cameras and or recorders - whether on a stationary cart, or over the shoulder and on the fly. 

Owner/operator of multiple production audio equipment systems, including; mixers, recorders, wireless, and a wide variety of microphones.

Professional, knowledgeable, organized, calm under pressure, low key.

Excellent client relation, management and co-working skills.

Extreme professionalism when working with high profile hollywood talent.  Admit-ably star struck working with Don Knotts and Andy Griffith.