1. *Equipment Lines for Field, Documentary and Full Production audio with crew.

  2. *Full Cart Production recording and over the shoulder bag set ups as well.

  3. *Up to 16 track recording ready.

  4. *Equipment owner of a full line of recorders, mixers, wireless, communications, and many, many microphones.

  5. *Extensive line of production audio equipment on hand and ready for your project.

  6. *Rate Card available upon request.



Here is an overview of just some of the available equipment.

Featuring the latest and greatest industry recognized equipment including:

Sound Devices Mixers and recorders

Lectrosonics wireless systems

Schoeps, Sennheiser, Sanken, Electro-voice, Countryman, Tram, PSC and

Voice Technologies microphones.

K-Tek and VDB Boom poles

Comtek IFB

Magliner Mini Sound Cart

Denecke Slates and Time Code

Tentacle Sync