• File This in the Misc. Department.

    This one is for all the sound people out there - that, I'm sure can relate. I love my Sanken lavalier mics but I have an ongoing battle to not lose the $20 windscreens I sometimes need to use. I'm sure I've spent hundreds of dollars over the years buying new windscreens to replace the ones lost. :)::: They are very small and black - so if you drop one on a dark stage, good luck finding it.

  • Playback & Video Walls

    Three years ago, as we were just getting back to work after the pandemic, an opportunity came my way.  The playback position at Entertainment Tonight opened up when the long time operator decided to retire. I was offered the position but told it would only be temporary, since plans were already in place to automate the workflow.  I happily took the gig, hoping it might last 6 months and carry me until the freelance world ramped up again.

  • Back to Back Awards

    So very honored for Emmy recognition in 2019 and 2020-2021. In 2021 I received an Emmy as part of the Entertainment Tonight production team.  Having worked with ET since 2012 in a variety of capacities, I had the opportunity beginning in 2020 to work in the Production Booth as Playback Operator for the video walls. That same season ET won the Outstanding Entertainment News program award. In 2019, the PBS-KCET series I worked on as Production Sound Mixer, Blue Sky Metropolis - produced and directed by Peter Jones was recognized by the Academy.

  • New Set Safety & Remote or Distanced Production Opportunities.

    Above all else, it’s my hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe during these extraordinary times. These past months have been a time of reflection and challenges. I look forward to working with you all again and seeing all your smiling faces – under our masks…you just have to look for the smiling eyes.

    I want to briefly tell you what I’ve done for future production when we return to work: